PREORDER Eye Spy - Choose Your Base
PREORDER Eye Spy - Choose Your Base
PREORDER Eye Spy - Choose Your Base

PREORDER Eye Spy - Choose Your Base

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Pictured on Base C - 4ply Pure Aussie Merino.

This listing is a preorder.  You can expect shipment within 6 - 10 weeks of your order, potentially sooner than 6 weeks.

Available on all of our bases.  Check below for a summary, or click here for more information on our available bases.  By ordering from Obsession Yarns, you accept that each colourway will dye differently on each base - please allow for this if the base you order is not pictured.  It is recommended that all Obsession Yarns bases be handwashed in a tepid (room temp) bath with a no-rinse woolwash, and then dried flat out of direct sunlight to preserve colour and quality.

*New* Merino Singles Laceweight 800m/100g
*New* 4ply 80% Merino/10% Cashmere/10% Nylon 400m/100g
*New* 8ply 80% Merino/10% Cashmere/10% Nylon 210m/100g
*New* 10ply 80% Merino/10% Cashmere/10% Nylon 166m/100g
Suri Fluff 4ply - 400m/100g
B - 4ply Aussie Merino/Nylon - 400m/100g
C - 4ply Pure Aussie Merino - 400m/100g
D - 4ply Pure Merino Singles - 400m/100g
E - 4ply Fluff - 400m/100g
F - 5ply Merino/Nylon - 300m/100g
G - 5ply Pure Merino - 300m/100g
H - 8ply Pure BFL - 225m/100g
I - 8ply Sparkle - 250m/100g - Currently Unavailable
J - 8ply Merino/Nylon - 225m/100g
K - 8ply Pure Merino - 225m/100g
L - 10ply Merino/Nylon - 180m/100g
M - 10ply Pure Merino - 166m/100g
N - Chunky Merino Singles 100m/100g
O - Chunky Chainette - 100m/100g
P - Chunky Twist - 100m/100g

Each skein passes through strict quality control, including professional dyeing procedures, rinsing and soaking.  However, some colour may leak whilst blocking/washing.  While this is rare, if you are concerned take extra care to ensure the water is at room temperature, and add a small amount of vinegar or citric acid to the bath.

Each skein from Obsession Yarns is hand dyed on a quality, ethically sourced yarn base using top quality acid dyes.  Whilst all efforts are made to produce images accurately depicting the colours, some displays may produce a different outcome. Please allow for some difference. Hand Dyed with adoration & love!

Please do not hesitate to get in contact with any questions!

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