Yarn Bases

Here you will find a list and description of our many yarn bases.  You can order most of our colours on any of these bases.  Not all colours can be dyed on every base, but we do our best!  If you can't find the colour/base combination you are after, please feel free to contact us.  
All of our bases are available to purchase undyed - you can shop them here. 
Our yarn is ethically produced, which means no creature died for it to be created, or was mulesed for human convenience.
It is recommended that all Obsession Yarns bases be handwashed in a tepid (room temp) bath with a no-rinse woolwash, and then dried flat out of direct sunlight to preserve colour and quality.
Our bases are arranged with an alphabetical order which makes it easier for you to remember your favorite!  Click on the links in the list below to learn more about each base.
*** New Bases***
*New* 100% Merino Singles Laceweight 800m/100g
*New* 4ply 80% Merino/10% Cashmere/10% Nylon 400m/100g
*New* 8ply 80% Merino/10% Cashmere/10% Nylon 210m/100g
*New* 10ply 80% Merino/10% Cashmere/10% Nylon 166m/100g

Base E - 4ply Fluff 38% Baby Alpaca/37% Pima Cotton/25% Merino 400m/100g
4ply 100% Suri Alpaca Fluff 400m/100g

Base F - 5ply 80% Merino/20% Nylon 300m/100g
Base G - 5ply 100% Pure Merino 300m/100g

Base H - 8ply 100% Pure BFL 225m/100g 
Base I -  8ply Sparkle 60% Merino/10% Alpaca/26% Nylon/4% Metallic 250m/100g
Base J - 8ply 85% Merino/15% Nylon 225m/100g
Base K - 8ply 100% Pure Merino 225m/100g


Base M - 10ply 100% Pure Merino 166m/100g

Specialty Bases - Please Contact Us to order these!
  • 10ply/Aran - 100% Merino Non-Superwash - 166m/100g
  • 4ply Multi-colour 15% Tweed/85% Merino - 400m/100g
  • 10ply Multi-colour 15% Tweed/85% Merino - 166m/100g
  • Chunky 100% Baby Alpaca - 100m/100g
  • 8ply Boucle - 100% Merino 220m/100g
  • 4ply Merino 50%/Tencel 50% - 333m/100g
  • 4ply Zebra 100% Merino Merino - 400m/100g
  • 4ply Merino 90%/Lurex 10% - 375m/100g

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Base A - 4ply Merino/Nylon
85% Merino/15% Nylon

A lofty and soft merino fingering weight with nylon for strength.  Bouncier than Base B.

Base B4ply Aussie Merino/Nylon
80% Merino/20% Nylon

Our staple Merino/Nylon 4ply, this gorgeous base has a beatiful sheen and drape.  It is lovely and soft to work with and with 19.5 micron it is definitely suitable for next to skin wear.  Perfect for all garments and accessories.

Base B - 4ply Aussie Merino/Nylon

Base C - 4ply Pure Aussie Merino
100% Merino

Our staple Merino 4ply, this base has beautiful drape.  It is lovely and soft to work with and with 19.5 micron Australian merino it is definitely suitable for next to skin wear.  Perfect for all garments and accessories.

Base C - 4ply Pure Aussie Merino

Base D - 4ply Pure Merino Singles
100% South African Merino

Our personal favorite at Obsession Yarns - this sublime yarn is basically a cloud in the form of 4ply yarn.  It slides through your fingers like the softest thing ever, and creates magical pieces of art!  More suitable for beautiful, intricate shawls or lightweight tops, cardigans or pullovers.  Definitely the choice for a special piece made to last or be given as a special gift.

Base D - 4ply Pure Merino Singles

Base E - 4ply Fluff - Non-superwash
25% Merino/38% Baby Alpaca/37% Pima Cotton

This amazing, versitile and lightweight yarn is perfect for cozy garments, or to hold along with another yarn to add some sublime fuzz to your project.  The composition means it will create warming and comfortable items with a cooler wear, making it suitable for warmer weather knits.  Try it with smaller or larger needles for different fabric drape!  Experiment and be delighted by our fluffy 4ply!

Base E - 4ply Fluff

Base F - 5ply Merino/Nylon
80% Merino/20% Nylon

A soft and beautiful, staple 5ply/sport merino base with added nylon for strength.  Great for socks or garments that require a little more strength.

Base F - 5ply Merino/Nylon

Base G - 5ply Pure Merino
100% Merino

A soft and beautiful pure merino 5ply/sport.  This lovely yarn is great for garments and accessories, and is super soft and lovely to work with.

Base G - 5ply Pure Merino

Base H - 8ply Pure BFL
100% Bluefaced Leicester

BFL has a little more tooth - meaning it's slightly more rustic feeling and a little less soft than merino.  Don't be fooled though!  BFL has a beautiful, natural sheen and it softens with wear.  It is truly a beautiful fibre to work with and we highly recommend trying it!  BFL makes the best hats, beanies and sweaters!

Base H - 8ply Pure BFL

Base I - 8ply Sparkle
60% Merino/10% Alpaca/26% Nylon/4% Metallic

One of our bases that have been with us since the beginning, this gorgeous sparkly dream is a favorite!  The blend is so beautiful, with just a hint of alpaca for extra added softness.  It is accented with a touch of nylon allowing the creation of sparkly socks, because we all need those amiright?  This yarn transforms as you create magic with it, and the metallic thread turns into a subtle glimmer.  A must try!

Base I -  8ply Sparkle

Base J - 8ply Merino/Nylon
85% Merino/15% Nylon

This lovely 8ply merino with added nylon for strength has a beautiful bounce and loft, and is the perfect staple for your thicker socks and garments.  It is great for accessories and colourwork too!

Base J - 8ply Merino/Nylon

 Base K - 8ply Pure Merino
100% Merino

A bouncy, lovely and soft pure merino 8ply.  Perfect for accessories and garments!

Base K - 8ply Pure Merino

Base L - 10ply Merino/Nylon
85% Merino/15% Nylon

Beautiful, lofty, soft and ready to be worked by your magic hands into socks, sweaters and more!  Great for faster knits for kids with added nylon strength!

Base L - 10ply Merino/Nylon

Base M - 10ply Pure Merino
100% Merino

A bouncy, lovely and soft pure merino 10ply.  Perfect for accessories and garments!  Just waiting for your worsted and aran cable knit patters!

Base M - 10ply Pure Merino

Base N - Chunky Merino Singles
100% Merino

This gorgeous singles base is a roving style - but has excellent strength.  It is perfect for fast beanies, scarves, cowls, shawls or mitts.  She might pill a little for sweaters, but with some maintenance it would still be amazing!

Base N - Chunky Merino Singles

Base O - Chunky Chainette
100% Merino

Chunky chainette is basically a cloud in yarn form.  It is the softest thing I've ever encountered but is surprisingly strong and sturdy, due to the chain composition.  This composition also makes it versatile as you can use larger needles to make the most of the meterage.  It goes further than you might think.  A single skein is more than enough for a hat or cowl, and a few will make you the most luxurious scarf or shawl ever!  I can only imagine the joy a sweater made from this would bring the wearer!  A true delight!

Base O - Chunky Chainette

Base P - Chunky Twist
100% Australian Merino

For those who enjoy a plied chunky, this lovely soft offering has a 2ply composition, and is a joy to work with!

Base P - Chunky Twist

Specialty Bases - Please Contact Us to order these or for more information!
Left top to bottom
10ply/Aran - Non-Superwash 100% Merino - 166m/100g
4ply Multi-colour Tweed Merino - 400m/100g
10ply Multi-colour Tweed Merino - 166m/100g
Chunky Baby Alpaca - 100m/100g
8ply Boucle 100% Merino - 220m/100g
Right top to bottom
4ply Merino 50%/Tencel 50% - 333m/100g
4ply Zebra Merino - 400m/100g
4ply Merino 80%/Cashmere 10%/Nylon 10% - 400m/100g
4ply Merino 90%/Lurex Sparkle 10% - 375m/100g
Specialty Bases




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